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· Patented JTC Tac Pac.

· Holds 4 Jersey Cuffs and cutter.

· Tri-folds compact to contain a smaller foot print then our competitions single cuff.

· Can be assembled in multiple fashions for different uses and or emergency’s.

· Can be worn via Molle, Drop Leg Strap, Belt, and even Alice clips.

· Is offered without a cutter for agencies with a specific cutter SOP or DOC units that do not want the cutters in the facility.

· Never again will you complete a raid or entry and not have enough restraints with this system each operator is carrying 4 restraints and a cutter.

· Jersey Cuffs are easily removed from the JTC Tac Pac while attached to your gear without loosing your cutter from the lower unit.

· Replacement Jersey Cuffs are available separate for refills.

Colors – OD Green and Black

Our Price: $59.95

· The JTC CLAW weighs 10 lbs.

· The JTC CLAW is offered in two lengths 24″ and 30″.

· The JTC CLAW is offered in Tactical Black and Safety Yellow.

· A non slip hand grip.

· The Claw’s entire head is casted out of the same custom material used to create the Jersey Boot.

· Multi-Purpose – One tool that combines a Sledge, Axe, Halogen and 20 other uses all into one.

· All Claws come with a set of instructions – Designed to do more with less.

· Specifically designed to be easily used by any member of your agency – The Next Generation Of Manual Breaching has arrived in the JTC Claw.

· Once again Jersey Tactical has raised the bar in the breaching world by creating The CLAW and a complete new set of very effective breaching techniques for THE CLAW that not only work but are more effective and faster then the conventional methods currently used.

Our Price: $325.00

· 19″ overall length

· Weighing 30 LBS

· 5″X 5″ Strike Plate

· Over Size handles

· Non-sparking Strike plate

A custom JTC Built in slide hammer that makes no noise when carrying and does not move until contact with the target.

The pocket Ram invention is a first and is perfectly balanced coupled with 2 over sized grips the encompass your full grip thus reducing potential injury to the BREACHER.

Our Price: $475.00

· The JTC Wedge Ram is Made from 100% USA Steel by the American Worker for the American Warrior.

· Custom JTC Wedge Ram with a hardened insert for the striking portion of the wedge.

· JTC Wedge Ram design allows you to run a full ram in a tight hallway and to wedge strike the seam of the door thus allowing the breacher to angle himself at a 45 degree angle to the door instead of the traditional 90 degree hit.

· This allows your 1 man to get even closer to the door then ever before!!!

· Built to last a lifetime.

· Designed specifically to defeat fortified doors.

· Color: Black

· Weight 40 lbs

· Length 36″

Custom AR 400 5X5 strike plate

Our Price: $599.99