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All of our plates are made from AR500 plate, 3/8" thickness. This means you can throw handgun rounds, rifle rounds, and shotgun shot/slugs at our plates without issue. Shooting is inherently dangerous, shooting at steel targets is at your own risk. Our modular stand system automatically angles the plate at a downward angle for safety, but it only helps and does not eliminate the possibility of splash back. Due to this possibility, it is recommended to shoot defensive caliber handguns (9mm, 40, 45, 10mm auto etc) at a minimum distance of 10 yards. Rifles (up to 30-06 equivalent) and shotgun slugs should be engaged at a minimum of 100 yards. We have tested the plates much closer (for science!) and find these minimum distances appropriate.

Rifle rounds will wear the plate much faster than pistol rounds, especially if you are shooting close to the target. Do not shoot steel core ammunition at the targets, and obviously not armor piercing! A heavily "pock marked" target is a safety hazard. The user and all spectators must always wear eye & ear protection.